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My Amateur Radio Activities


CQ DX CQ DX CQ DX ....... This is Victor Uniform figure Two Hotel November November calling and standing by......

This is VU2HNN , Handle "NAVIN" , QTH Mysore, in South India. My Ex Call sign was VU3NVS .

I was introduced to this fantastic hobby in July 1992. I got my Grade II license in October 1993, until then I was an active SWL ( Short Wave Listener ). As an SWL I used to monitor the 40 meter amateur band regularly and became familiar with the band, operating procedures and it was easy coming on the band after getting my amateur radio operators license. My setup as an SWL was an SENCOR RX 3 Bander and long wire antenna . I built my own QPR CW TX and was on the air and made more than 500 2xCW VU contacts on 7Mhz alone.

In 1995, I became the student co-ordinator of SJCE Amateur Radio Club (VU2JCE), one of the oldest amateur radio clubs in Mysore and started DX activity. From here I used to participate in national and international contests and got some Prizes and Awards .

I was student Co-Ordinator for 5 Years (1995-2000) and during this period, I conducted training classes for ASOC (Amateur Station Operator Certificate) Examination for the members of SJCE Amateur radio club in association with Mysore Amateur Radio Association (MARA).

I got my Advanced Grade License in 1997 with my new call sign VU2HNN .

In Aug 1998, I was awarded the "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Award" for the promotion of Amateur Radio in India. The award is instituted by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi and its chairperson being Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (VU2SON) . This is award is given every year to three persons who have contributed for the promotion of the hobby in India and the award is presented in New Delhi on August 20th being the birth day of Late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi (VU2RG).

My station setup


  • FT-757 GX HF Transceiver
  • FT-411E VHF Handheld


  • HF - Inverted Vee (7, 14, 18, 21 Mhz)
  • VHF - Slim Jim (144 Mhz)

My Favorite band is 21 Mhz (15Meter) . I have worked more than 80 Countries , almost all DX contacts in that band alone!. Also, I am very much interested working in CW rather than phone, you have to experience CW!!!!

Currently I am active on VHF with my FT-411E Handy and on HF with my FT757 transceiver with dipole antenna for 40m. I am planning to put beam antenna for 15m.



Local Activities

In India, 7 Mhz is the local band and always Buzzling with activity, many of them being homebrew QRP Phone and CW stations. Many ham nets operate in this band. One of them is the Charminar Net , A popular indian Net conducted during 0130 to 0230 UTC daily on 7.080Mhz. Please check in to the net.

So then cu agn, have a nice time 73's & 88's , Best of luck to you and your family, cu soon on air.

Bye Bye, - - . . .      . . . - -


  • Croatian Telegraphy Club (CTC #184), Croatia
  • Amateur Radio Society of India (ARSI), Mumbai
  • Mysore Amateur Radio Association (MARA), Mysore
  • Bangalore Amateur Radio Club (BARC), Bangalore

My QSL Card

QSL Card

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